Dr. Swoope Jr.'s Credentials


  • Bachelor of Science Degree from Alabama A&M University, where he majored in Industrial Technology Education
  • Master's Degree in Technology Education, with a minor in Training and Development from The Ohio State University
  • Earned his Ph.D. from The Ohio State University, with his primary area of concentration was Technology Education
  • Minor areas consisted of Training and Development, Educational Administration, Academic Affairs, and Special Education

As an educator for several years, Dr. Swoope taught in the areas of Special Education and Technology Education. He has also taught as a lecturer for the College of Engineering at The Ohio State University, worked as a graduate research associate at Ohio State, taught as a graduate teaching associate, and worked as an administrator of Recruitment and Retention in Ohio State's College of Education.
Dr. Swoope has served as an Assistant Principal, Assistant Superintendent and an Interim Superintendent. He is also trained and certified in the following areas:

1)   Miracles Through Pranic Healing;
2)   Advanced Pranic Healing;
3)   Pranic Psychotherapy;
4)   Pranic Crystal Healing;
5)   Practical Psychic Self-Defense for Home and Office;
6)   Super Brain Yoga; and,
7)   Meditation.

Through the consistent use of Super Brain Yoga, Dr. Swoope was able to lead a struggling school, with an academic rating of Ineffective, to a rating of School Improvement in a few short months.

One of Dr. Swoope's  greatest joys is using his experiences to inspire people from all walks of life, ages and nationalities. He believes he can best inspire people by opening the corridors of his life and sharing his adversities, triumphs and tragedies.

Dr. Swoope has spoken at churches, conferences, colleges, companies and universities throughout the United States. He is a natural resource for staff/administrator professional development, corporate team-building and motivational sessions for your school, district, college, university, business, corporation or agency. Among

Dr. Swoope's greatest loves is to work with those who are challenged, or facing adversity, underachievers, people with disabilities, and anyone who is at risk for failure.  He is dedicated to a life of empowering and uplifting today's students – both adults and young adults!
Tel: 470-485-7966
Email: info@drdavidswoopejr.com
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