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A native of Alabama, Dr. David L. Swoope Jr. is a charismatic Motivational and Inspirational Speaker and a very talented Author and Poet.  As a gifted Orator, Dr. Swoope captivates his audiences with a tailor-made style of education suitable for all ages – be it for professional improvement; gifted and exceptional students; and, student or disability service departments.  His speeches empower, inspire, and energize others to develop and enhance their natural, internal creativity!

As an actor, songwriter and singer, Dr. Swoope transforms himself into scores of characters, while rendering an electrifying, dynamic, and thunderous performance!

One of Dr. Swoope's greatest joys is using his experiences to inspire people from all walks of life, ages and nationalities. He believes he can best inspire people by opening the corridors of his life and sharing his successes, adversities, triumphs, many detours and tragedies. Dr. Swoope has spoken at churches, conferences, private organizations, and colleges and universities throughout the United States.  He is a natural resource for teacher/administrator in-services, motivational sessions with gifted and exceptional students, underachievers with special needs and/or students who are at-risk.
Dr. Swoope has an array of characters and special people in his repertoire, all of whom are brought to life on stage.  He often explains a scenario, then gives it life with antics, drama, down-home anecdotes, emotions, southern wisdom, northern savvy, and a blend of geographical accents. He draws upon the dynamics of his personal and professional experiences, while using powerful concepts to emphasize important points.

Among the most interesting aspects of Dr. Swoope's life is his educational background. By current educational and societal standards, he would have been identified as an "at-risk student," an "endangered student," and a student with "behavioral problems."  All of these factors made Dr. Swoope a prime candidate for failure. For example, Dr. Swoope came from a broken home; he was reared in a single, female head-of-household environment; he was reared in a drug and rodent-infested neighborhood; he lived in – and grew up in – a lower socio-economic environment; and, he was reared during and after the Civil Rights movement in Alabama.

In retrospect, Dr. Swoope considered himself a student with an undiagnosed learning disability and a student with behavioral problems.  Nevertheless, after years of criticism, struggling and sacrificing, he achieved success! Now Dr. Swoope's mission is to journey throughout the country -- and beyond -- to inspire success in others!

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