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Some of Dr. Swoope's Speeches and Sessions Include:
This message is all about power! Dr. Swoope uses the acronym P.O.W.E.R. and applies it to the use of one’s purpose in life, including goals. The acronym P.O.W.ER. is applied to the use of his principles and how to align one’s self toward the completion of goals and the activation of one’s overall purpose in life. P.O.W.E.R. is a must hear for groups of all sizes and specific ages!
"When the Odds are Against You"
Dr. Swoope  shares a message of inspiration and encouragement. He conveys principles on how people can succeed in the face of opposition. Dr. Swoope shares strategies that enabled him to complete his Ph.D. from The Ohio State University, and the effects of growing up as an African-American male in Alabama. Dr. Swoope also talks about coming from a single, female head-of-household family, his experiences coming from a family of lower socio-economic status, the psychological effects of not being able to read and write properly (undiagnosed disability), and what it was like to be told he would never amount to anything in life. Despite the odds and the negativisms, Dr. Swoope states that, "You can dream and become anything in life, regardless of what people feel, perceive, or say about you."
"Motivating People – Youth and Adults – Who Are At-Risk for Failure"
This message is for people who have been identified as having a low self-concept and those who have low success rates in any arena. Dr. Swoope identifies and discusses his own history as an at-risk student with academic deficiencies, behavioral problems, and low self-esteem. Additionally, Dr. Swoope shares how he overcame being stigmatized as a problem student by changing his attitude, developing a healthy and positive self-concept, and learning to respect himself and others.

"We Stand"

Dr. Swoope conveys a message of faith, focus, hope and inspiration as he talks about the history of the United States and how "we stand upon the shoulders" of someone else, regardless of color, creed, disability, national origin, race or sex. He talks about how, if we are to succeed, we must reach out to and "help lift someone...!" Susan Kelly of This Week's Newspaper had this to say about Dr. Swoope : "In a thundering voice, Swoope told the audience that he stood before them [audience] as descendant of slaves, a product of a drug-infested neighborhood...that we must pave the way for those who will lead this nation in the 21st century." Dr. Swoope also noted that there were giants in his life "who lifted him beyond his circumstances and enabled him to live the life he imagined."
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